How to Make Employers Hire You

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December 6, 2013

How to Make Employers Hire You


By: Mr. JobSpeak

It’s a great feeling to get hired after you passed an interview. Hiring managers have validated you as good fit for the position, and the reward would be a job offer. It’s now time to exceed their expectations and show them your best in the workplace. But have you ever wondered why your employer hired you? Here are some reasons how employers choose the best candidate among the applicants.

1. You have the Right Set Skills

In this economy, you will struggle to find someone willing to hire a candidate that needs training. Think about it, would you want somebody shadowing your work and asking questions for the first 6 months? Or would you want somebody that knows the score and gets busy contributing to your targets from day one? Having the right skills and experience is more important than ever and unfortunately not something you can work on overnight.

2. You are a Team Player

This is significant as the employer will want you to enjoy spending time at work, thus you won’t mind the occasional/weekly/everyday late night. By having a sense of belonging to the people at work, you are likely to enjoy it more and be less susceptible to other job offers. And in general our ability to work well with lots of different people is a critical key to your success over time within any company.

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